Duke Cannon Proper Cologne Grant Warm Spice Tonka Sandalwood 1.7 fl oz

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A fellow should have a signature scent that is recognized by those closest to him, not by Debbie in Human Resources.

Inspired by nature, Proper Cologne™ is made with clean, naturally derived fragrance oils, crafted in small batches, and housed in a modern apothecary-style bottle. A subtle, natural scent enhancer to be discovered, not announced.

Grant Proper Cologne™ is a masculine musk blend of warm spices, brilliant tonka, & classic sandalwood. Smells like retiring to the back porch for cocktails & conversation. Does not smell like the sale rack of a thrift store.

Product Specifications

Profile: Musk, but on the lighter, brighter side

Type: Eau de parfum (that means highest-quality fragrance)

Key Scent Components: Warm Spice, Tonka, Sandalwood

Package Includes

  • 1 of the Proper Cologne Grant 1.7 fl oz.

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