Decorebay Multi-Purpose Valet Tray Jewelry Box (Speedy Master)

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Key Features:
  • Forget the daily hustle, because the Decorebay Speedy Master valet tray and jewelry organizer will help to keep all your daily essentials like keys, wallets, jewelry, loose coins, watches all in one place and look elegant at the same time
  • Pullout drawer allows you to safely store miscellaneous items and hide any unwanted clutter.
  • Featuring a dedicated watch compartment to store up to 4 watches of all sizes and shapes with ease. Includes removable suede pillows for extra space
  • Enhance the appearance of any space with its sleek design and gray suede interior. Both classy and elegant the Decorebay Speedy Master valet tray and jewelry box is also a perfect gift idea for your family, friends, and coworkers or that special someone
  • Jewelry box measures 14 by 9 by 3.5 Inches; Made in China


How tough it can be when you have scout for your car keys, wallets, smartphones while rushing to get out the door. Therefore, Decorebay Speedy Master Jewelry box is designed to keep the user in mind. This functional and versatile organizer holds and organizes any small accessories and stores collections like keys, wallets, jewelry, loose coins, watches etc. with its 7 large slots, including 5 padded rows for cuff-link & rings storage. Turn your watch collection into a visual display. This case will keep wallet and jewelry organized and dust-free. For added versatility, use the box to store expensive and precious items or other essentials.

Speedy Master to the Rescue!

If your watches, keys and jewelry items are dumped into a drawer risking scratches and dust or lost among your other jewelry, and in serious need of a watch box or organizer. Wait no more. The Decorebay speedy master jewelry box and valet tray has come to the rescue.

Many Miscellaneous items at one Place:

With storage space for up to 4 watches and an additional cuff-links and rings storage drawer, you no longer need to store your watches in individual boxes or fish through a messy drawer. You can organize and display your watch collection in style along with all the other items at one place..

Quality Built to Last:
Quality built to last with stitch less corners and sturdy walls. Attractive jewelry box with grey exteriors with soft black felt lining on the inside with soft cushions & extra protection barrier for watch compartment.

A wonderful addition to any space:

This modern style watch and jewelry box offers 7 storage compartments, as 4 large slots on top ( 1 slot including 5 padded rows for cuff-link & rings storage) and 3 compartments at the bottom. Whether it be your office, dresser, or room, this box will enhance any space.

Dedicated Compartment for Easy Smartphone Charging:

Featuring a dedicated compartment for smartphones of all sizes with a slot to easily pass through charging cables

Just Grab and Go
You no longer need to hustle around because this superior quality can easily fit in any luggage bag which makes this case a perfect gift for girls, women, men, birthdays, weddings, etc. All you need is to look to your valet tray and charging station and just grab and go!

The Perfect Gift Idea

The Decorebay speedy master valet tray and jewelry box is a perfect addition to any living or office space. Both classy and elegant it is also a perfect gift idea for your family, friends, and coworkers or that special someone. Whether it be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, the Decorebay Speedy Master Jewelry and Valet Organizer will make the perfect gift.

Technical Specifications:

Item Dimension: 14 by 9 by 3.5 Inches

Item Weight: 56.1 ounces

Color: Grey

Package includes: 1 of Decorebay Speedy Master Jewelry Box

Each Compartment's Specifications:

Left Slot / Watch Box: 4 watches slot with black soft cushions in each slot and a clear glass top window specific to this slot to take a look inside; Dimension of whole slot: (H 8x W 4.50 x W 3.25) inches and Dimension of each watch slot: (H 4 x W 2.25) inches.
Middle Slot: A dedicated slot for all sizes smartphones with easily pass out the charging cable through a small hole; Dimension: (H 8 x W 4 x D 1.5) inches.
Right Upper Slot: contains 5 padded rows for cuff-link & rings storage; Dimension: (H 3.9 x W 4) inches.

Right Below Slot: This compartment is used to store any items such as wallet, keys, jewelry etc.; Dimension: (H 3.9 x W 4 x D 1.65) inches.

Pull-out Drawer: It has 3 slots in total. Dimensions: (H 7.90 x W 3.90 x D 1) inches (Left 1 slot) and (H 3.90 x W 3.90 x D 1) inches for each (Right 2 Slot)

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