Skross Travel Adapter Set Combo 1.500216-E World to Israel - White

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Key Features:

  • Designed in Switzerland and with Skross brand which always provides innovation solutions for mobile travelers
  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2- & 3-pole) and for powerful devices such as Laptops, Desktops, Cameras, Mobile Phones, Travel Hair Dryers.
  • Applicable in many countries like Switzerland, Italy, UK, USA/Japan, Europe, Australia/China, Israel etc.
  • Skross Country Travel Adapter is also known as Combo World to Israel Adapter; White in color


  • Israel and Europe ? combined in a single adapter

This travel adapter makes getting connected easier than ever ? and not just in Israel, but also in all other countries with the Schuko plug standard.

  • Tour Israel and Europe

The Combo World to Israel offers travelers from all over the world a reliable and easy connection in all countries with the Israeli and Schuko plug standard. This travel adapter is also ideal for hotels or seminar organizers who want to offer their international guests the opportunity to connect the devices they have brought with them.

Technical Specifications:

  • SAFE + SIMPLE + SWISS: designed in Switzerland to meet the highest Swiss quality and safety standards
  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2- & 3-pole)
  • Input plugs: Switzerland, Italy, Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro) 
  • Output plugs: Israel, Europe (Schuko) 
  • Input voltage: 100 V to 250 V
  • Max. load: 16 A
  • Power rating: e.g. 100 V - 1600 W / 250 V - 4000 W 
  • Does not convert voltage
  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Made in Thailand
  • White in color






  • Does not convert voltage! 


  • Unplug adapter and plugs when not in use

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